Miracle Soap, Tightens and Softens Skin, Skin Care, Facial Wash

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Miracle soap, tightens and softens skin at the same time. Once you experience it, you will never want to live without it again. It holds moisture in for additional skin health; and leaves you with fresh feeling skin instantly. Also works as an unbelievably effective make up remover:thoroughly cleansing and smoothing skin. It's amazing, the moment that you finish washing with this miracle soap, you will feel the difference. Your skin will feel much softer and healthier. 4 oz. Miracle soap is an all natural product, so it will harden when exposed to air for an extended time. Keep lid closed when not being used.  Normal shelf life is 24 months. To prolong the shelf life, keep it in a cool and dry location.    Ingredients: Pure African Black Soap containing roasted cocoa pods, ash, and plantain; Shea Butter; Pure Rwandan or Kenyan Coffee; fragrance.

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