Blue Goldstone- Extra Grade Gem- Deep Blue with Sparkles, Opaque

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Confidence                          Deflect negative energy                   Empowerment

Uplifting                             Protection                                        Ambition

Increase Focus                    Communication                               Self-Worth                                  

Known as the "wishing stone," as many believe this stone can attract the things you most desire and bring new opportunities into your life. 

Blue Goldstone is a manmade gem formed from glass and copper particles, these gemstones date back to Medieval times. When copper chips were accidently added to the glass making process. What was first thought to be a major mistake turned into a magical creation. Which is why- Blue Goldstone is a stone known to turn your failures into success.

Even though these gems cannot be found in their pure form in nature, their components are all comprised of natural minerals. Containing beneficial properties that can bestow positive effects on our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves.

Linked to the night’s sky, these magnificent stones encompasses radiating sparkles resembling the stars on a dark night. Blue Goldstone, offers a symbolic reminder that "light" can always be found in the darkness. 

Blue Goldstone- is a motivational stone- A Star Stone, a special gem in terms of achievements, courage, evoking self-confidence and ambition. These stones embraces positive, purifying powers, changes negative thoughts to positive ones. A powerful aid to enhance it owner's energy to fulfill their greatest desires & secret dreams and live their golden future. A beautiful reminder to never stop striving to reach the stars, to achieve your desires.

This is a wonderful stone to use in meditation to connect with your Throat, Third Eye and the Crown Chakras. Blue Goldstone, balances these chakras to promote self-acceptance, stress relief and increase your focus. A best friend for those who lack the drive or self-confidence to ask for what they want.

As a throat chakra stone, its vibration inspires positive energy, heightens your mood, and uplifts your spirit to feel secure in your skin to speak and live your truth. 

Blue Goldstone is believed to protect its owner of negative energies, guards your auric field from unwanted and/or harmful vibrations. Deflects negative energies returning unwanted energy back to its source. The copper particles brings vitality, energy, aids with exhaustion and lethargy. Helps combat inflammation and increases blood flow among many other metaphysical healing properties.