Dead Sea Spa Lavender and Argan Oil Soap, Aromatherapy, Natural Bath Bar, Beauty Bar, Natural Skin Care

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One With Nature- Dead Sea Spa Lavender and Argan Oil Soap soothes your skin and senses with the healing aromatherapy of lavender. This tripled milled mild exfoliating bar soap combines genuine Dead Sea Salt minerals - thousands of years in the making - with a pure vegetable base and moisturizing Shea Butter to provide a truly luxurious cleansing experience. The addition of Moroccan Argan Oil helps to reduce crows feet, fine lines and improve skin elasticity. One with Nature soothing bath bar relaxes your muscles, stimulates circulation and restore the skin's natural ph. Best of all, this bath soap is 100% natural. Experience the Dead Sea difference, designed thoughtfully, developed naturally and manufactured responsibly. 

This bath soap has an delightful scent of Lavender combined with all the benefits of minerals from the Dead Sea. Minerals from the Dead Sea have a number of benefits, which naturally exfoliates and replenishes your skin moisture. One with Nature, Dead Sea Soap- cleans and purifies your pores, calms skin conditions such as eczema, allergies and psoriasis. This bath soap, fights free radicals that cause aging and fine lines. Along with  soothing aching joints and muscles.

Lavender has been used for centuries in soaps, lotions, perfumes and aromatherapy. It's one of the most pleasant and soothing of scents along with being known as a powerful stress reliever and mood enhancer. Works great as an aide to a peaceful nights rest. This sweet-smelling flower looks beautiful when you see the soft, purple flower before you with an scent nothing short of heavenly.  Get all the benefits of both Dead Sea minerals and lavender in one.

Triple milled* right at the source — The Dead Sea. Absolutely nothing artificial. Scented with a natural botanical extract blend.

Made in Jordan

*Triple milling creates a higher quality, longer lasting bar.

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